How to use Becoming Moonlight ‘white henna’ with Glitter

finished Becoming Moonlight body art with glitter

Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste and Pros-Aide Cream Adhesive are safe, reliable ‘white henna’ skin adhesives. Becoming Moonlight® is a latex-free medical adhesive that has been adapted specifically for henna artists.  You can do similar work with Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive, but that is more difficult to work with, because it becomes transparent when it dries. It is adapted for medical prosthetics, not for body art.

Sprinkle cosmetic quality polyester glitter over the ‘white henna’ paste. This is dazzling waterproof body art that lasts about five to ten days depending on care.

snip the tip of your becoming moonlight cone

Get a cone of a latex-free medical adhesive gilding paste (also known as “white henna”). Clip a tiny bit from the tip, the smallest bit off the tip that will squeeze out a tiny line of paste.

If you clip too much, you’ll waste your cone.

test your lines

Test your line. Use a smaller line of gilding paste than you would henna paste.

Thin lines dry quickly.

Heavier lines dry more slowly.

Glitter and other powders will fatten up your lines, so start thin.

draw on your design

Apply gilding paste to the skin, just as you would apply henna. If your lines are thin, the glue will be dry enough to apply glitter in a few minutes.

Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste will not become transparent as it dries.  It will stay white.  Pros-Aide Cream Adhesive will become transparent, so is more difficult to use in larger projects.

add glitter to your design

Brush cosmetic body glitter over the pattern, Brush very lightly to spread the glitter exactly where you want it to go. Brush away the excess.

add more detail

Do you want to add another, clearly separate color? Apply more gilding paste, and apply the next color of glitter.

more glitter!

After that, brush away the excess with a soft brush. Be careful to not touch the brush to the sticky paste.

add more detail for separate colors

Do you want a design with many colors? You can continue applying as as much complexity as you wish.

add additional colors of glitter

You can sprinkle in more colors; the colors will blend together. Brush away the excess with a soft brush.

finishing touches

Next, you can add gilding powder, Mehron Metallic powders, and gems to Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste.

top design off with gilding powder

Finally, sprinkle on gilding powder and brush or blow away the excess. If the weather is very humid, or if you are perspiring, you may need to rinse off excess glitter. Wait twenty minutes for the paste to dry before washing. You can wash away the excess glitter, gilding powder, or metallic powder with soap and water, washing will not disturb the pattern!

your design is finished!

No more worries about aftercare! A person can put loose clothing on over this body art. A person can shower, and the art will not come off!

This body art will last between three and ten days, depending on how the person takes care of their art.

You can remove a pattern quickly by rubbing it with the sticky side of scotch tape!

clean out the tip of your becoming moonlight cone

If you get a sticky blob on the tip of your cone while you work, clean the tip with an alcohol prep pad.

When you’re done, clean the tip and put a tab of tape back on the tip. Your paste will last for about six months at room temperature.

Do not refrigerate Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste or Pros-Aide adhesives and NEVER freeze them

Assorted glitter colors over ‘white henna’ Becoming Moonlight® gilding paste.

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