Becoming Moonlight

Empire is the home of Becoming Moonlight body art supplies! You can shop for Becoming Moonlight online here. You can find our complete tutorials for Becoming Moonlight or ‘white henna’ HERE:. 

If you love henna, ‘white henna’ and body art, Empire has you covered!  From intricate structured lace like designs to dreamy and delicate watercolor inspired motifs. We will be glad to help you find exactly what you need to make your dreams come true!

Becoming moonlight white henna laced arm cuff body art

Are you new to doing Body art and not sure where exactly to start? Have no fear, we have the Becoming Moonlight kits containing everything you will need to be making beautiful, shimmering, durable and waterproof designs in no time! These wonderful kits are perfect for the beginner or expert!

It is fun and easy to keep up to date with new tips and tricks on how to use Becoming Moonlight Body Art Products by reading! Another great way to grab inspiration for beautiful glittering designs is by following us on Instagram Here! Or by liking us on Facebook!

Becoming Moonlight white henna glitter and gem fish body art

Check out our Free Becoming Moonlight pattern books

for ideas and inspiration!

Becoming Moonlight white henna body art book cover

What is ‘White Henna?’

  • Is this henna?
  • How does ‘white henna’ work?
  • What part of the body is best for ‘white henna’?
  • Is ‘white henna’ safe?
  • Can I mix my own ‘white henna’?

enlaced book cover featuring Becoming Moonlight white henna body art

Enlaced is an innovative book for henna artists that expands the art form into new brilliance with ‘white henna’! Download this book and learn how you can can create shimmering, glittering ‘white henna’ body art lace on skin!

Moonflower dreams Becoming moonlight white henna body art book cover

“Moonflower Dreams” is a book of ‘how to’ and patterns for ‘white henna’ body art by artists  who are experienced in the medium.

Learn to do ‘white henna’ step by step from experts, what materials are best, what placement is best, and enjoy dozens of beautiful patterns.

Laced cuff book cover for becoming moonlight white henna body art

Learn how to create laced cuffs with Becoming Moonlight® body art.

Still needing some inspiration? Click Here to see what other artists have done!

Click HERE for more free patterns and designs to try with Becoming Moonlight body art!

Learn the history of Becoming Moonlight® ‘white henna’ body art and how developed to support the imaginations of henna artists and their clients … and to provide a safe alternative to para-phenylenediamine ‘black henna.’