Combining different body art medias!

finished mixed media body art design

Yes! Combine body art media for more rich, versatile, expressive and imaginative works of body art.

Combine safe, skin-friendly media that are formulated to work well together. To do this, you must have a good understanding of cosmetic chemistry and skin, or purchase supplies from a source that has already done the research for you.  

assorted supplies

You will need:

Start with Temptu!

start with temptu

First, clean the person’s skin thoroughly. This work won’t last as long if applied to oily or dirty skin.

Then, put a few drops of Temptu temporary tattoo paint on a clean plate. Pour a little isopropyl alcohol in a shot glass to clean your brush.

paint on body art design with temptu

Next, start a paisley pattern with Temptu temporary tattoo paint.  Apply the paint with a small brush.

Follow the same general instructions for Temptu temporary tattoo paint as are HERE.

add more temtu to body art for detail

You can add as many colors as you wish. All Temptu temporary tattoo colors may be blended or may be used separately on the same work.

The paint will dry quickly, but remain slightly tacky.

If your brush becomes thick or tacky with paint, clean it with isopropyl alcohol, or wipe the brush with an alcohol prep pad.

Add gilding powder!

seal body art with gilding powder

After that, brush gilding powder onto the Temptu temporary tattoo paint. Mica gilding powder will bind with the Temptu resin-based temporary tattoo paint to create a waterproof, durable body paint.

Then brush away the excess powder with a blusher brush.

If you plan to use acrylic emulsion medical adhesive based gilding paste for the next steps, it is important to finish the Temptu temporary tattoo paint with mica gilding powder, NOT talcum powder or metallic powder.

brush away excess

Next rub the gilding powder into the paint

Mica gilding powder will bind to the Temptu temporary tattoo paint and make it more durable and waterproof.

The pigment in the gilding powder will add shimmer and color to the paint.

Add gilding paste and glitter!

add more detail to body art with gilding paste

After that apply Becoming Moonlight® gilding paste or Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive with a cone, outlining the gilded temporary tattoo design.

Follow the same general instructions as are HERE.

add glitter to body art

Shake body glitter over the gilding paste. Brush away the excess with a soft brush.

Click HERE for additional details about this process.

Add more details with gilding paste, gilding powder and glitter!

add more gilding paste and gilding powders and glitters to body art

Then you can add more detail lines by applying Becoming Moonlight® gilding paste or Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive with a cone. Then, brush on glitter or gilding powder.

brush away excess glitters and powders

Brush away the excess glitter and gilding powder with a soft, fluffy brush.

Finally, Apply gems with the instructions HERE using dots of skin-friendly adhesive.

Add gems!

add gems to body art

Now, you have a durable, water proof, shimmering pattern on skin.

The pattern should stay perfect and beautiful for three days, then start to wear, depending on skin, placement and TLC of the art work. After five days, the design will not be as pretty. Remove the gilding paste lines by rubbing with the sticky side of scotch tape. Remove the Temptu by rubbing it with baby oil.

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