How do you make a ‘white henna’ cone?

Becoming Moonlight paste in cone for use in body art

You can save money if you buy jars of  Pros-Aide Cream Adhesive or Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste and fill the cones yourself.  

If you buy Pros-Aide Cream Adhesive or Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste in a jar, putting it into a cone is the single most difficult part of working with ‘white henna’

every thing you need to to create beautiful body art

It is not easy to get the Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive, Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste, or any other ‘white henna’ paste ready to use without making a mess. They are very difficult to clean up, and can only be cleaned with 91% isopropyl alcohol.  

To fill your own cones from a small jar of Pros-Aide Cream Adhesive, you will need the following:

  • 91% isopropyl alcohol for general clean up
  • three or four cones with tightly rolled tips
  • a box with holes in it  (an egg carton will do)
  • Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive
  • scotch tape
  • paper towels or tissues for clean up
  • a chopstick, Popsicle stick, a tongue depressor or small disposable spoon
  • nail clippers or a razor blade 
  • and an undisturbed place to work that can be easily cleaned

rolled cone

First roll cones with very tight tips. The ‘white henna’ adhesive is thinner than henna; if your holes aren’t tight, the adhesive will flow out of the tip and make a mess.

You can purchase pre-rolled cones here!

cones ready to be filled with 'white henna' paste

Next, tape the tips of your cones. The ‘white henna’ adhesive may run out of your cone, even if you have rolled the tips very tight.

If you have one small jar of Pros-Aide Cream, prepare to fill three cones.

detail of filling procedures

Set cones into a box, and make sure they’re not going to tip or fall. Make sure that if they DO tip or fall, they’re not going to make a mess of anything that can’t be thrown away.

Use a disposable bulb pipette to fill your cones.  Suck up some of the adhesive by squeezing the bulb, then squeeze the bulb again to deposit the adhesive into the cone.  Get the adhesive down into the cone, not up a side or near the top. 

putting paste into cones using disposable pipette

Then divide one .5 oz jar of Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive into three cones with a pipette or stick. Do not fill them up more than half way.

An over-full cone is much more likely to ooze ‘white henna’ Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive or Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste out of the top and to make a mess.

Use all of the jar of adhesive. If you only use part of the jar, and screw the lid back down, the jar will glue itself shut.

cleaning off any excess paste from outside of cone

Wipe any paste from the open end of the cone.

taping down end of cone so paste doesn't leak or dry out

Finally, fold down the top and tape the cone securely. Make certain that you have completely sealed the top of so you won’t get a hand full of adhesive when you apply the ‘white henna’.

This cone is probably much smaller than you usually use for henna. Smaller cones are easier to work with for ‘white henna’ work, smaller cones are less apt to leak, and you will need much ‘white henna’ than henna.

finished cones filled with becoming moonlight paste

Use disposable tools for filling cones: the Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive and Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste are extremely difficult to clean up. Wipe your hands clean with 91% isopropyl alcohol: if you have these pastes on your fingers, they’ll stick to everything you touch.

working with a large amount of white henna paste

Do you want to fill many cones from a 4 oz jar of  Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste?

First roll two dozen cones, tight enough to be closed at the end. Roll enough to completely empty the jar.  Set the cones into egg cartons so they’ll stay upright as you fill them.

Then stuff a carrot bag (a piping bag) into a water glass.  

Next scoop the ‘white henna’ adhesive from the jar into one or two carrot bags that are stabilized in a water glass.

Do not fill the piping bag over halfway full.

(Use two carrot bags, one inside the other, just for extra protection against a blowout.)

Fold down the carrot bag and carefully tape down the top of the carrot bag so there are no leaks.

Clip a tiny bit of the tip off the carrot bag.

Cut the tip off the carrot bag, and squeeze the Pros-Aide Cream Adhesive or Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste into the cones. Don’t fill them further than half-way full.

Fold down the tops and tape up the cones as previously directed.

Keep the tips of the cones taped until you’re ready to use them so the adhesive right at the tip won’t dry out.

Your ‘white henna’ will last about six months in a cone, and about a year in an unopened jar.   

Never freeze Pros-Aide Cream Adhesive or Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste.

You can buy Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste already in a cone HERE.

When you are ready to use your cone, clip a tiny amount from the tip, just enough to squeeze out a line the size of a cat’s whisker.

If you don’t have sharp clippers, cut the tip with a single-edge razor, against a hard surface.

Your ‘white henna’ lines should be about this size.

If your tip gets clogged with drying adhesive, or the line has blobs clean the tip with a pad soaked in 91% isopropyl alcohol.

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