Becoming Moonlight Terps


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Becoming Moonlight® Terps – Essential Oils


Becoming Moonlight® Terps
are based on the Serious Mixes, the original group of aromatherapy grade essential oils with the lowest incidence of skin irritation, and with the most enjoyable fragrance. We’ve reformulated our terps because climate change and political instability have affected the production of some aromatic crops. You might not have heard of these essential oils before, but we did the chemistry studies, and these are BETTER than what we had before, with very high levels of all the right stuff … and they smell wonderful. We think you’ll love them!

Becoming Moonlight® Terps are blended of pure aromatherapy grade essential oils and are kept refrigerated until they are shipped to you. Please refrigerate them as soon as you receive them to preserve the volatile monoterpene alcohols. If you order when the weather is over 90F or 32C, the quality might deteriorate during transit.

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Cajeput, Basil, & Myrtle, Cajeput, Coriander, & Lavandin, Cajeput, Wild Thyme & Rosemary, Lavendin & Bay, Lavendin, Marjoram & Basil, Lavandin, Coriander & Cedarwood, Lavendin & Myrtle, Naiouli & Lavandin, Naiouli, Basil & Bay, Naiouli, Coriander & Cedarwood, Naiouli, Wild Thyme & Rosemary, Ho Leaf, Lavandin & Myrtle, Ho Leaf, Marjoram & Basil, Ho Leaf, Wild Thyme & Bay, Ho Leaf, Cedarwood & Coriander


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