The Garden Behind the Moon: A Real Story of the Moon-Angel


By: Howard Pyle

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A lot of people wonder what’s on the other side of the moon. Young David — a dreamy young boy — actually finds out. To get there, he has to walk on a shimmering moon-beam — a rather daunting experience at first, but made easier with the help of the Moon-Angel. Once there, he meets the Man-in-the-Moon, discovers a magical garden, battles a terrible giant, and brings lost treasures back to Earth.
Well known for his stories of King Arthur and Robin Hood, Howard Pyle transports young readers to a different time and place in this beautifully told tale. It’s an unforgettable faraway world — where children play and no one ever cries. The book, says author Elizabeth Nesbitt, “makes Pyle a peer of the classic writers in the field of fantasy.”

Reprint of the Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1895 edition.

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