Mehron Metallics and Becoming Moonlight

How to use Becoming Moonlight with Mehron Metallics to create beautiful shimmering metallic designs!

Dust Mehron Metallics powders over Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste used freehand with a cone or other non-latex medical adhesive such as Pros-Aide Adhesive Cream adapted for artists for waterproof, shimmering body art.  Because the metallics powders are not absolutely harmonized with these adhesives, they do not last as long as gilding powder; the powders tarnish on the skin.

The bronze color lasts one day.  The copper color lasts one day.  The gold lasts for two days, and the silver can last for nearly a week.

Practice on yourself.  Freshly shaved legs are a great practice pad.  A neck, chest, face, back, belly, arms and shaved legs are ideal places for application.  If you apply this glue to hairy skin, removal will be as difficult as getting bubble gum out of a cocker spaniel’s ear.  To apply this body art, begin by cleaning the person’s skin, or the glitter will stick where you do not want it to.

If you get gilding paste on clothing, rinse it out with isopropyl alcohol.  It will not wash out.

A step by step example of Mehron Metallics

Get a cone of non-latex medical adhesive gilding paste, frequently referred to as ‘white henna,’ adapted for artists. Clip a tiny bit from the tip. If you clip too much, the line will be too big, and you’ll waste your cone.

Clip the smallest bit off the tip that will squeeze out a tiny line of paste. You can always clip it open a little more, but if the tip is too open, you can’t tighten it up.

Test your line. Use a smaller line of Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste than you would henna paste. Thin lines dry quickly. Heavier lines dry more slowly. Glitter and other powders will fatten up your lines, so start thin

Apply Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste to the skin, just as you would apply henna. If your lines are thin, the glue will be dry enough to apply Mehron Metallic powder in a few minutes.

Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste will not become transparent as it dries. It will stay white.

Wait a few minutes and brush Mehron Metallic powder over the pattern. Brush very lightly to spread the glitter exactly where you want it to go. Brush away the excess with a soft brush. Mehron Metallic powder clings to the skin, especially on humid days. If the powder does not brush off the skin easily, wait ten minutes and rinse the skin with water. Do not scrub or rub as you rinse.

Do you want to add another clearly separate color? Apply more Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste, wait a few more minutes for it to dry a little bit.

Apply another color of Mehron Metallics powder. Brush away the excess with a soft brush.

Do you want a design with many colors? You can continue applying as much complexity as you wish.

You can sprinkle in more colors; the colors will blend together.

Brush away the excess with a soft brush. If the weather is very humid, or if you are perspiring, you may need to rinse off excess Mehron Metallics. Wait twenty minutes for the paste to dry before washing. You can wash away the excess glitter, gilding powder, or metallic powder with soap and water, washing will not disturb the pattern!

Put down a dot of Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste and set a Becoming Moonlight® gem on the dot.  It will stay there until you pull it off!  You can put loose clothing on over this body art after an hour.  You can shower and the art will not come off!

HERE are more detailed instructions on adding gems.

This body art will last between two and four days before it tarnishes: it is real metal powder and will tarnish. You can remove a pattern quickly by rubbing it with the sticky side of scotch tape!

If you get a sticky blob on the tip of your cone while you work, clean the tip with an alcohol prep pad.

When you’re done, clean the tip and put a tab of tape back on the tip. Your paste will last for months without refrigeration.

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