“White Henna” Lesson One: how to apply Becoming Moonlight Gilding Paste

finished white henna design on legs

‘White henna’ is not henna.  ‘White Henna is a technique similar to henna.

This ‘white henna’ work was created with Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste, gilding powder, glitter and gems.  Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste is a FDA approved medical adhesive specially adapted for use by henna artists.

It could also be created with a similar medical adhesive ‘white henna’ paste such as Pros Aide Adhesive Cream.

closeup of design

Becoming Moonlight® ‘white henna’ gilding paste is waterproof, safe for use on skin, and lasts from three to ten days depending on care and location on skin, once it has been sealed with gilding powder or glitter.

You can shower with Becoming Moonlight® patterns on your skin, but don’t scrub them, or vigorously rub them dry.

materials needed to apply white henna

Becoming Moonlight® is a group of materials specially formulated to work together and extend the range of colors and applications available to henna artists.

Here are:

  • Becoming Moonlight® Gilding paste (shown in a jar and a cone)
  • Gilding powder and glitter for sealing the gilding paste.
  • a small brush for spreading gilding powder
  • A large brush for dispersing gilding powder
  • Gems, and a birthday candle for appying the gems
  • a single edge razor blade
  • 91% ispropyl alcohol

cutting tip of cone

Apply Becoming Moonlight® ‘white henna’ gilding paste with a cone as you would henna, but use much finer lines.

Cut the tip of a Becoming Moonlight® gilding paste cone. 

The cone’s hole should be much smaller than you would use for henna.

testing line thickness on hand

Test the cone to see if you can make a line the size of a cat’s whisker. That is my favorite size of line to work with; this thin line will dry in about 10 minutes. Thicker lines take longer to dry.

beginning application of white henna design

Apply Becoming Moonlight® gilding paste on clean dry skin as you would apply henna.

Clean the skin before you begin. Remove oil, perspiration, and lotion from the skin for best results.

If you apply ‘white henna’ gilding paste to skin that is hairy, the hairs may get pulled out when the pattern is removed.

cleaning tip of cone

If the tip of your cone becomes sticky, clean it with isopropyl alcohol

continued application of white henna

When you finish drawing, let Becoming Moonlight® gilding paste dry for about 10 minutes.

Becoming Moonlight® gilding paste will not become completely transparent when it has dried; some will remain white. This will help you keep track of your work.

testing for correct dryness beginning application of gilding powder

Touch the ‘white henna’ gilding paste gently, to see if it has become firm and less sticky.

When the paste is no longer wet and sticky, brush Becoming Moonlight® gilding powder or glitter over the paste.

If your brush sticks to the paste lines, stop, and let the paste dry for a few more minutes.

If you get gilding paste stuck in your brush, clean the brush with 91% isopropyl alcohol, and let the brush dry before using it again.

continued application of gilding powder to white henna design

Seal Becoming Moonlight® gilding paste with gilding powder or glitter or it will remain sticky and collect dust and crud.

Generously brush gilding powder or glitter over all of the lines of gilding paste.

brushing off excess gilding powder

When you have applied Becoming Moonlight® gilding powder or glitter to all of the gilding paste, brush way the excess with a large, soft brush.

Powder and glitter may cling to skin that is oily, lotioned, or damp with perspiration.

If you cannot remove all of the powder with the brush, you can rinse away the excess with water.

application of gems to white henna design

Apply Becoming Moonlight® gems (flatback rhinestones) with Becoming Moonlight® gilding paste.

Start by putting a tiny spot of gilding paste on the skin.

Pick up a gem with a birthday candle by pressing the candle to the domed side of the gem.

Lift the gem into position and apply the gem to the paste.

finished white henna design

Apply some Becoming Moonlight® glitter for extra dazzle, and then brush away the excess.

When all of the ‘white henna’ gilding paste is sealed with gilding powder and glitter, your ‘white henna’ is complete.

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